the importance of a good relationship with your PCP the importance of a good relationship with your PCP

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 the importance of a good relationship with your PCP

How is your relationship with your primary care doctor? When was the last time that you went for a full exam? During your exam, do you feel comfortable enough with the doctor to ask questions or tell him or her about any problems that you have been experiencing? For many years, I went to a doctor that I wasn't necessarily fond of because I didn't want to go through the hassle of changing the PCP with my insurance. This caused me to skip many exams that I should have had and prevented me from talking about any problems that I had been having. This blog will help you understand the importance of a good relationship with your PCP.


What Parents Need To Know About Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is an epidemic across the whole nation. For years pediatricians have seen outbreaks of HFMD affecting children. Although, this is a common disease, it can be uncomfortable and dangerous for some children and individuals. Here are a couple things that you need to know about HFMD.

What Is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?

HFMD is a viral infection that mainly affects children, although teenagers and adults can contract it as well. The disease is named as such because the child will usually run a fever and then break out into sores on the palms of their hands and feet, as well as the inside of their mouth. The sores can spread throughout their whole body, and depending on the specific strain, can even be on the torso, legs and arms.

The severity of the disease varies. Some children have minor pain and parents barely even recognize that the child is sick. For others the sores become extremely painful, making it hard for the child to eat, drink, or use their body.

It should also be mentioned that HFMD is highly contagious. So if one child has it, it is very likely that siblings and classmates will get it as well.

What Are The Risks of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease?

In the majority of cases the virus will run it's course and the child will simply heal from the illness, although the scars from the sores could remain. The major risks of this illness are dehydration and a high fever. If the child is in so much pain that they are unable to drink or swallow, they could easily become dehydrated. In addition, some children run very high fevers with the illness, which is especially dangerous in young babies.

What Should You Do To Treat Hand Foot and Mouth Diseases?

Since HFMD is a viral infection, taking an antibiotic won't help cure the illness. Instead, you must simply wait until the illness has run its course. However, you can give the child some fever reducer and pain reducer for the sores. You should be on the lookout for any kinds of infection in the sores, especially is they are open wounds.

If you suspect that the child is dehydrated or is running a high fever over 105 or is unresponsive to medication, then you should get the child to a doctor right away. Otherwise, try to make the child as comfortable as possible until the illness passes.

By understanding HFMD, you can know how to help your child if they contract the illness. For more information, contact a professional like Kim Thiele DO PC.